Software Design: Feature based design on class

This is about when to create a class: for a new feature instead of a new object concept
For example, an enemy for a combat game. Instead of making a class for an enemy, we should make a class for a feature/skill/behavior of enemy. Enemy should be a “data structure” instead of “controller”.

// Wrong practice:
class EnemyA : Enemy {
    public void throwFireBall() {...}  // it is hard to share this
                                       // with other enemy

// Correct practice:
class Enemy {
    string name; //name = "EnemyA"
    List<EnemyBehavior> behaviors;
class EBThrowFireBall : EnemyBehavior { //EB stands for EnemyBehavior
    public override void someEnemyMessage() {
        //throw fire ball

Therefore different enemies can share same behavior with different settings and combination.

The key to make this decision is all about concept: enemy is a combination of behavior, and the behavior sharing between enemies are expected.

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